Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I have a couple of tv shows that I follow every summer. My favorite is still Hell's Kitchen, but this summer I was attracted to the hit game show Wipeout! airing on ABC, sort of like Fear Factor meets America's Funniest Home Vidoes! Nothing like watching people make fools of themselves, hahaha...the show concluded it's first season with a 1 1/2 hour "best of" episode last night.

Each week 24 contestants go through an obstacle course to win the title of Wipeout! Champion and a $50,000 grand prize. The names of the obstacle courses include "The Sucker Punch", "Big Balls", "The Sweeper", "The Dizzy Dummy" and the "Wipeout Zone". Pretty funny stuff, especially watching the contestants going through the "Big Balls" obstacle...

It's entertaining, mindless tv, and a good time laughing at the misfortunes of others on a Tuesday night (before "Fringe" comes on). Oh yeah, and check out the Youtube I posted...guaranteed LOLS!!!

The Sucker Punch

Big Balls

The Sweeper

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