Thursday, March 6, 2008

Planning And Doing Are Two Different Beasts.

Today was my day off. The plan was to get up early for yoga, make breakfast and spend the day outside doing outside things. Walking, window shopping, taking the change from the change jar to the bank to supplement my sadly depleted checking account. And I was planning on checking out the newest vintage shop down the road.

Unfortunately, like all good intentions, everything sort of fell apart. We slept like the dead and rose sometime in the afternoon (too embarrassed to say what the actual time was, but suffice to say, bad, bad, bad) and spent the whole time on the computer like some geek trolling the web (see: Myspace) for about 4 to 5 hours. While the sun shone outside the window.

Something good came from all that web trolling, though. I finally squared my shoulders and joined not one, but TWO fiction blog sites to share my writing (I only have one fiction blog, which is plenty for now) with other writers/readers. And I found a slew of really, really good fiction blogs, my favorite so far are Home For Tea which is reminiscent of Adrian Mole (apologies Joe Sorry, it's meant as a compliment don't you know) and The Casebook of Chelsea Bunn, The Hairdressing Detective . I'm really excited about joining these fiction blog sites, although I'm not quite ready for criticism of my writing, at least they are being read (hopefully).

I never went to check out the vintage shop "Knee Deep", couldn't be arsed to get dressed and get out of the house ..maybe I will tomorrow. After work.

Ooooo, a friend of mine who lives in Reading got me a 2008 Calender last year (of Berkshire) and the photo for March is of Caversham Bridge, which incidentally is mentioned in the Thursday Next novels by Jasper Fforde.

*Exit stage left*

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^^Sleepy Jackson^^ said...

i do that, i go yippee tomorrow i will do lots of gr8 stuff, then i wake up at 2pm and do nothing :( the lesson is never make plans, cos they suck. caversham bridge is actually one of the nicer spots in reading, apart from looking across and seeing a TGI fridays :s

(R)evolver74 said...

But it's pretty and the photo has swans in it :D

Brooks Blair Golden said...

..plans smans...sleep yer life away...haha sure im not helping, shivering like a monkey w/o a blanket

...How do you say "GOODWILL" sooo there!!!!