Sunday, March 16, 2008

Face Lift In Words And Pictures

Thank you to all who turned out for "Face Lift: The Portrait Show" last night. It started out slowly but gained momentum a couple of hours after opening at 6pm. Also thanks for the owners of The Mustache Gallery for the show, the space was awesome!

Artwork by Brooks Golden:

Artwork by Deuce Seven:

Artwork by Pancho:

Artwork by Ted Boggs:

Wall collaboration:

The turnout was great, and people kept turning up even after the show was supposed to end at 10pm:

A good night overall, and a huge success for the artist Brooks Golden, who was bombarded with questions, comments and generally very good critique from adoring fans (hehehe) can only get better from here...

Hung out with friends until after 2 am, and scrambling to get to bed as I was supposed to be at work at noon the next day...gosh I'm getting old, can't even stay up past 2am....

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Anonymous said...

thanks for bein there...always