Friday, March 7, 2008

Of Laptops And Winter Weather

I do my writing and websurfing on a clunky (but trusty) green iMac since the fab Powerbook G4 that we have is kaput. The iMac serves its purpose but since it's an old model it gets really frustratingly slow sometimes especially when I have lots of windows opened or if the iPhoto application is open or when viewing YouTube. And most frustrating is the fact that Safari keeps closing down unexpectedly right in the middle of writing/blogging/filling out surveys etc. While Firefox is by far the superior browser it tends to shuffle along sooo slowly on this computer that I end up just closing it down and opting for Safari instead.

If I had the dosh I'd get the MacBook Air in a heartbeat. I've long ago decided that I'm never buying anything other than Mac computers, they're easier to use (at least to me they are, I use a PC at work and it's just not the same), they look cool and they pretty much kick PC's ass. I used to carry the G4 around in a messenger bag and still found it a bit on the heavy side and my poor shoulders just couldn't hack it at the end of the night. The MacBook Air just looks brilliant and it weighs a measly...3 lbs!! My freaking datebook is heavier than that! Unfortunately the $1800 price tag is a bit (well, a lot) beyond my range, sooo... for now this iMac will have to do. (I really should be grateful that it's working at all, it's been thrown on to the ground, kicked at and has bits of broken plastic parts floating around in it).

In other news, it's gone horribly, horribly cold again. It even started snowing, can you believe that? Just awful. On the other hand, daylight savings begins this Sunday, so remember to "Spring Forward!"

*Exit Stage left*

Edit: They just mentioned "single digit wind chills" on the news....blehhh!!!

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