Monday, March 24, 2008

Early(ish) Morning Net Trolling

So I had to get up pretty much earlier than usual this morning, as my landlord told us that he's bringing an appraiser over to the flat to take photos of fittings and what-nots which apparently he does every five years. Unfortunately he and this appraiser has yet to be seen anywhere in the building, so I suppose I have to stick around and be up until he gets here. (I hope not at 3pm when I'm in the middle of my shower, getting ready for work.)

Anyway, I'm trolling around on the Net while waiting, and come across a few interesting blogs which I thought I'd share with whoever's reading mine, which is pretty much just Jay, Kev, Erin, Danny and Ivan.

I work in the restaurant industry so when I came across this blog, I simply had to go over it post by post, and am still going through it (it's been up since April 2004). While I am not a waiter nor do I want to be employed as one, most of my co-workers are waiters and I do understand their frustrations in dealing with the general public. This blog, Waiter Rant reads like fiction!! With loads of insights into the restaurant biz, serving and annoying guests. I love this blog!! Also, Waiter Rant- the book- will be published in August 2008. Look for it!

Fashion Robot I've looked at before and never occurred to me to link her to my list, but how she's there to stay.

(At this point I stopped for some much-needed nourishment, i.e. coffee and breakfast consisting of eggs and hashbrowns.)

Which brings me to the next blog, The London Review Of Breakfasts, I love food and descriptions of food, and since breakfast is the most important meal of the day...

Who doesn't like poking fun at celebs? I do. And these gurls do. Their brilliant blog Go Fug Yourself is funny and scathing and clever. And they also have a book out.

(My landlord still hasn't shown up. I could've gotten another 2 hours of sleep...grrrr....)

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