Monday, March 16, 2009

I Really Should Make An Effort.. dress less in hoodies and jeans and sneakers and be more like:

The stunning Agathe

More my age and less like a teenager! Although I'm loving this look from Mary Catherine of Painfully Hip. Not that I'm saying she looks like a teenager.

See what I mean?

Oh yeah, the tampon machine back there is out of order.

4 cheer(s)!:

^^Sleepy Jackson^^ said...

i bet you triple checked no one else was in that toilet before you took that pic huh :p diggin the lox, box

Bex said...

Dude, I was alone in there for like 15 mins!! I could be dead in there and no one would find me until closing time at the mall, lol...

new color on the hair!!!

Solo said...

Love the pics.;D
And you are so great,i mean u did a great job..Nice post friend.;D
Have a nice day.

Bex said...

Thanks, I'll try Solo!