Tuesday, May 13, 2008

News, I suppose.

I generally post an average of two blogs a week which is quite disgusting really since I am on the computer practically every day. It all comes down to laziness I suppose, and while the hubs and I take a lot of photos (he especially takes MAAAADDD photos), most of said pics rarely get posted on blogs due to, again, my laziness at? in? blogging.

I have been going thrifting a lot as of late, and acquiring a few brilliant pieces of clothing and accessories, including a practically brand-new hobo bag (I gave in, although I had SWORN to never, ever buy one, but at $5.00 it was quite hard to resist...besides it's not like I paid a mad amount for it), a sweet vintage handbag for $2.50, scarves, and this amazing H&M mini dress which I'm contemplating wearing to the Upset Mag launch and art show on Friday. I'm having to pluck up my courage as it's the color of a prison jumpsuit!!! Accessories, I think, will be key. I also got a pair of brown suede shoes for $4.00.

Thursday will be a full day as I have the day off from work and the hubs and I will be doing a lot of running around (he's putting up his artwork at Co-Prosperity Sphere for the Upset Mag Launch Party and Art Show, picking up a piece of artwork from New'd, and getting tattooed by Josh H. at Belmont Tattoo Co.) and I'll finally be tattooed by Josh sometime in the next couple of weeks (about damn time). Still want to get tattooed by Tim Biedron over at Deluxe Tatoo... a mad sunflower spread on my upper back. And a hedgehog on my upper right arm. Sometime in the near future.

I still can't figure out how to add captions to pics without effing up, so I'll just leave you people with said pics.

Till next time!!

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