Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Costume Institute Ball

The Costume Institute's Gala Benefit opened the "Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy" exhibit at the Met last night. Let's cut to the chase shall we, and see who's hot, and who's not-so-hot? I have picked 10 celebs who I think represent the best and boring of the lot.

The Yesses:

Camille Bell: love the color

Ditto Christina Ricci

Phwaarrrr Giselle: man, she's tall

Diane Kruger: Stands out with the short dress

Ditto Kate Bosworth

The Nos:

Fergie looks like a super villain

Fuck no Katie Holmes!

She's here cos I hate Posh. And wtf is she wearing?

Gahhhhh boring, Clare Danes!!

Rachel Bilson looks extra short in that dress. Or maybe it's the camera angle?


Source: People.com

1 cheer(s)!:

^^Sleepy Jackson^^ said...


camile bell - she'd get it
christina ricci - she'd get it (horrible dress tho)
gisele - she wouldnt get it, for her manly looks and her tacky dress :)
diane kruger - too sarah jessica parker to get it, dress looks like a mash up, not good.
kate bosworth - she wouldnt get it, but her dress would look good replacing my curtains :s

fergie - no, crack whore looks
katie holmes - wouldnt get it, blue shoes with a red dress?? wtflol

posh - ew shes looks like a made up corpse
clare danes - looks like shes been wrapped in bin bags
rachel bilson - she would get it for her excellent hair, but not for shrinking fonzies jacket in the wash and wearing it under a black dress.