Sunday, June 15, 2008

We Like Stuff On The Walls..And Other Places

Our first apartment when we moved to Chicago about six years ago was dreadfully small and we didn't quite like the layout. A couple of years later we scored a bigger apartment in the same building, with a better layout, plenty of windows and a lot more sunlight, which overlooks the roof of the next apartment building, which suits me just fine, as I hate the thought of the neighbors looking out their windows and seeing me walk around the flat in just my skivvies. Although I would love a balcony, a fire escape isn't too bad and substitutes as a tiny balcony (I'd have put potted plants on it to brighten the damn thing if they weren't deemed a safety violation..pah).

Over the years Jay and I accumulated "stuff" which can only be described as either "collectible" - toy collection etc., "antique" - e.g. vintage typewriter, vintage gumball machine, "art" - work of various admired artists, "literature" - duh, and "junk" - pretty much, eh, 40% of everything else. We suffer from what is described as "organized mess" but we pretty much know exactly where almost everything is. I love our flat; as they say, home is where the heart is. Too true. No matter what Jay and I do or where we go, at the end of the day, we're always glad to come home to our flat in Pilsen.

As usual, click photo to enlarge.

Our north-facing wall is decorated with various posters and artwork.

These antlers guard the entrance to the kitchen.

Skateboard art.

We need another bookcase! Yet more artwork.

Wall Of Fam..geddit? Family photos..hahha man, I'm good.

Jay found this Tonka truck, our vintage gumball machine (it still takes pennies and works perfectly!), picnic baskets.

Pretty little birdhouse attracts not birds, but a rat, an echidna, a frog and a tortoise.

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Nadine said...

Nice wall decorations. I adore all the pictures!

(R)evolver74 said...

Thanks Nadine. We are running out of wall space!!

Brooks Blair Golden said...

i love our place...and you.