Thursday, June 26, 2008


I don't normally watch a lot of summer television, but the couple of shows that I try not to miss are Hell's Kitchen (more on this later) and So You Think You Can Dance. I know, it's cheesy, but American Idol is so over, and besides, nobody watches American Idol past the audition stages anyways (you know, for the dreadful singing and the attitude). Besides, who isn't attracted to the ballroom, hip hop, contemporary routines dreamed up each week by SYTYCD's resident choreographers? I have two left feet (let me put it out there) and just watching the amazing dancers sort of fills this dancing void inside me. So I Think I Can't Dance.

This week the bottom three couples were Chelsea T. and Thayne (quickstep), Kourtni L. and Matt (contemporary) and Comfort and Chris (African jazz) and after their individual solos and judges' deliberation, Chelsea T and Chris were out. Apparently Chelsea's sizzling cha cha in the first week wasn't enough to keep her from elimination. Chris' contagious personality couldn't keep him safe either.

I'd like to see these couples in the final three:

1. Courtney and Gev: They are so good together and you can just tell that Gev has a little bit of a crush on Courtney, and for a breaker he's actually quite versatile. I forgot what they danced in the first week but they drew contemporary in the second week and the rumba last night (choreographed by Melanie LaPatin & Tony Meredith), and they danced the shit outta both!

Courtney & Gev...awww cute!!

2. Kherington and Twitch: Another sort of mismatched couple, he does hip-hop, she's contemporary. But they both have larger than life personalities, and don't take themselves too seriously. Last night they danced a hip hop number choreographed by Napoleon &Tabitha.

Prison break with Kherington & Twitch.

3: Katee and Joshua: I think they're the strongest of the three technically. The performed a so-so routine the first week, but blew up with a Broadway routine the second week, and a brilliant samba last night (choreographers Melanie LaPatin & Tony Meredith). I hope they'll be around for a while.

Hola!! Katee and Joshua do the samba.

Yea I don't normally gush about TV shows (If you ever see a post here about Grey's Anatomy or Desperate Housewives, just shoot me, 'mkay???) but SYTYCD is a fun show and like I said, cheesy. Although Jay did point out, "What's up with the British host and shit?"



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