Monday, April 7, 2008

Scent Of A Woman (Sorry, couldn't resist!!)

I don't normally go for fragrances much (usually my daily after-shower rubdown with Jergens Shea Butter suffices) but Jay's always after me to dab on some perfume. Between the lotions and face moisturizers and shampoos I've always thought that dabbing on a scent would be a bit redundant and/or overdoing it but there's nothing like a pretty scent to make your day a bit brighter, it's a bit like putting on an amazing outfit. Well, perfume IS an accessory, much like a handbag or bangles or a scarf.

I've tried a lot of different perfumes over the years, from Chanel No. 5 (reminds me of my mum), to Body Shop's Tea Rose Perfume Oil to Acqua De Gio For Women and assorted others, but recently I was attracted to the Lacoste line of perfumes. I've been wearing A Touch of Pink for the last year, and was pretty pleased with it overall, that I immediately got out and bought another bottle after I used up the last one. I never ever finish a bottle of perfume in a couple of months, so that tells you how rarely I wear perfumes!

A chic, delicate & charming fragrance for women
Embraces you energy, femininity & sensuality
Top notes of blood orange, coriander leaf cardamom
Middle notes of jasmine, violet leaf & carrot seed
Base notes of sandalwood, musks & touch of vanilla
Perfect for day time & casual wear

Had some difficulty finding details for this one, launched last year around May. This perfume has the feeling of energy, well-being and freedom. It starts with quince flower to give the impression of springtime. Heart notes are Amazon water lily and osmanthus.The base notes are sandalwood rounded by luminous musk.

A luxurious fragrance opens with explosion of energetic citrus
Refreshing, sensual & warm
Top notes of bergamot, aquatic notes, grapefruit, green accord
Middle notes of rose, peony & jasmine
Base notes of amber & musk
Suitable for all occasions

I also have a soft spot for Clinique Happy:

Top notes: bergamot, boysenberry and honeysuckle
Middle notes: bushflower, grapefruit and moss
Base notes: freesia, lemon and Hawaiian wedding flower
Senses: Floral, Fruity, Green
Recommended for formal and romantic use

By the way, Jay loves Lacoste Pour Homme:

(Fragrance notes: Ruby Grapefruit, Plum Accord, Italian Bergamot, Apple, Juniper, Cardamom, Pink Peppercorn, Jamaican Rum, Cinnamon Bark, Agarwood, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Vanilla Bean, Musk.)

...and Burberry Brit..

A fresh oriental woody fragrance. Top Notes: Green Mandarin and Ginger, Bergamot and Cardomom. Middle Notes: Wild Rose, Cedarwood and Nutmeg. Base Notes:Oriental Woods Accord, Grey Musk and Tonka Beans.

Which perfume do you love?

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