Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Flat In London

I came across My Flat In London quite a while ago and while I like the style and design of the handbags, they're a bit too "blingy" for my taste. Bit too many crystals and rhinestones too be exact. ( I prefer my handbags in dark brown leather with brass clasps).

I was channel surfing late one night and saw that HSN was doing a feature on MFIL bags, and I was intrigued by the pink and black combo of most of the bags, which reminds me of Mariah Carey for some reason. I proceeded to forget all about them until today when I was at TJ Maxx browsing through their accessories section, when I pounced on a rather sweet black quilted handbag with a familiar logo. I looked at the label inside and was pleasantly surprised to see that indeed, it was a MFIL bag, with a reasonable price tag of $70 (the original price was $295). Regrettably I did not immediately whip out the ol' check card as it is after all almost the end of the month and the rent for My Flat In Pilsen will be due in about a week...hahahah....just a little joke..

Anyhow, I went home and swung by their site, and while I still don't care for the bling factor, their bags are still pretty sweet.

The bag below was the one I saw at TJ Maxx.

I love this one.

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sara said...

The names nice, but I don't like the style of those bags.

x sara o

- I need to look into seeing him as ghandi

Nadine said...

Ooooh those bags are awesome!