Sunday, February 24, 2008

Va-Va Vest..

It's Sunday. Okay, so I was bored. Digging around in the ol' closet I found a vest I have never worn, maybe because it needs a bit of adjustment (I can never find a vest that fits me properly, I hate it) and thought I'd try it on . Three different looks I came up with in 20 minutes:

Velvet Gap blazer, white shirt from forever ago, said vest, Lucky Jeans, legwarmers from Dancewear Solutions catalogue, men's fingerless gloves from H&M, heels I never wear bought from somewhere, most likely Payless. Oh and the fav winter accessory. It's like wearing a beaver on your head.

Vest, top from Forever 21 which I like because it's got a high collar..(tie a bow around it and pin on a cameo...wonderful...), pants I got at Loehmanns' (bastards still owe me $115.00 from an overcharge, but I'm having my bank take care of it.. from now on I will only pay cash when I shop there..), same heels.

Not-so-ratty tee I wear to death, white shirt, same vest, H&M jeans, fingerless gloves, some polka-dot sash thing turned tie. Same heels.

I was sucking my thumb in the last picture because I snagged it on a pin and I didn't want to bleed to death hahaha...
Next time I shall have a light source and use a flash...

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