Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Nerve Of Some People..

I was at work yesterday. One of my many duties is to answer the phones before the restaurant opens up. Whatever. Normal day at work. And then this lady phones wanting to order a cake for a work function.

Bitch: I went on your website and I don't think the cake I want is on there.

Me (Already annoyed because I'm trying to par the safe and this is the 5th call in 5 minutes): Can you describe what it looks like?

Bitch: Well, it's chocolate and it's got nuts on it. I was at the Grand Lux (sister restaurant) and they had it.

Me: (Thinking, then go to the Grand Lux and stop wasting my time, woman.): You mean (so-and so) kind of cake?

Bitch: I don't know, it's not on your website, you should look.

Me: Ma'am, I don't go to the website. (On account that I don't care to)

Bitch: Well, you should then, so you can help someone like me.

Me: (Bitch, fuck off and die.) Well, I don't. (Losing temper as well)

Bitch: You don't seem to know very much, let me speak to a manager.

Me: (Puts her on hold although would like to very much hang up on her ass.)

Stupid, stupid bitch. I hope you choke on that cake.

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