Thursday, April 16, 2009


So I'm doing laundry right, and minding my own business..I've been doing my laundry at the laundromat across the street from my apartment building for like I dunno, 6 years now, and once in a while some moron would try to chat me up or whatever, which makes me very uncomfortable, but whatever, if I ignore them enough, they'd go away. Which they do like 95% of the time. But today, I'm in a good mood, the sun is shining, it's like 65 degrees out, and all I wanna do is get my laundry done before work. And there are these two men there, also doing their laundry. I'm used to people staring at me, I don't know why, it's not like I'm a super knockout babe or whatever, but my tattoo probably has something to do with it, whatever. Like people have never seen a tattoo before. So they're staring at me, making comments in Spanish and one of them comes close to look at my tattoo without as much as a polite "Can I look at your tattoo" or whatever. Rude as!! So this whole time I'm getting more and more pissed because they're being morons, and I'm getting more and more uncomfortable, I mean, can't a person do their laundry in peace anymore? So I march up to the one guy and say (clearly and loudly, in case they miss the point), "You know it's really rude to stare at people, right?" I mean, seriously! And he gets taken aback, because no woman has ever talked back to him probably, being the male chauvinist pig he probably is. First he gets embarrassed because I call him out on his rudeness, and then he gets all pissy and starts swaggering about like HE'S ALL THAT! What-EVER! I am sick of being ogled at like a piece of would you like it if your mother/sister/daughter is leered at disrespectfully...I didn't think so. If I'm sounding defensive, I am because I have a right to, because I'm sick of disrespectful men that live in my neighborhood. You might behave that way to the women in your country, but you ain't in (insert country here, in case it's not PC) anymore, dude. Behave yourself. Oh, and they never apologized either.

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^^Sleepy Jackson^^ said...

i despise people with bad manners, like when they dont say please or thank you, or jump in queues. pisses me offffffffffff

Sister Wolf said...

I know, are just so adorable. I would ogle you and your tattoos, too

Bex said...

@Kev: Same here.

@SW: Awww thanks, Sis!