Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Ah, a year older, but none the wiser? Maybe, maybe not. Here are a few people who share my birthday:

65 BC : Horace, Roman philosopher
1542 : Mary, Queen of Scots, beheaded at 40(?)
1574 : Maria Anna of Bavaria, Queen Consort of the Holy Roman Empire
1886 : Diego Rivera, Mexican muralist
1922 : Lucian Freud, English painter
1925 : Sammy Davis, Jr., duh
1941 : Sir Geoff Hurst, English footballer and World Cup winner (my personal favorite)
1943 : Jim Morrison, rock icon
1951 : Bill Bryson, American author and travel writer
1966 : Sinead O'Connor, Irish singer
1976 : Dominic Monaghan, Hobbit and (almost) survivor of Oceanic flight 815

December 8th is also:

National Brownie Day
Winter Flowers Day, and most bizzarely,
National Take It In The Ear Day. Hm, sounds kinky!

And while we're talking about me, let me share with you a few tidbits:

  • I'm a bit obssessed with the Plantagenets and the Tudors
  • I like to stand in the shower until the water runs cold (which poses a problem for Mr. Bex in the winter time, since he always jumps in the shower after I do)
  • I love cupcakes
  • Mr Bex and I celebrate our anniversary on Earth Day
  • My ideal home is England
  • If I was stranded on a desert island, the top three things I'd like to have with me are: books, laptop with endless battery life (ha!) and Pepsi
  • My ideal pet is a fat gray cat (Mr Bex's too) but I don't mind a hedgehog
  • I'd like to get more tattoos
  • If we had kids their names would be Seven (boy) and Ocean Raine (girl)
Edit: Thanks for all the kind wishes! I had not one but two spirited happy birthday wishes from co-workers...feels good to be liked!

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Ira said...

Happy birthday!

a cat of impossible colour said...

Happy Birthday! :)

WendyB said...

Happy birthday! You share the date with some very cool folks.

(R)evolver74 said...

Thanks all for the birthday wishes =)

Imelda Matt said...

Happy B'day XXXXX