Sunday, November 9, 2008

I Love Getting Stuff In The Mail!!

Look at what I got in the mail on Friday! It's from my buddy Kev in Reading, England!! We share a love/hate relationship of the English national football team.

England football shirt, postcard of a lock in Berkshire

This is written on the postcard, lol

Thanks Kev, it's brilliant!! I love it! I shall think of the good times (which aren't that many presently) with the team! Onwards to 2010 South Africa!!

3 cheer(s)!:

Miss Karen said...

Oh that's so cool! I love receiving mail too :D

Imelda Matt said...

The only thing I get in the mail are bills and lots of 'em!

^^Sleepy Jackson^^ said...

ha! im just pleased it arrived!! i sent soof something and it looks like she aint gettin it :s but yuh, glad you like them :)