Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Chicago Marathon 2008

Every year the Chicago marathon cuts through my neighborhood, and the best part is that I can see the runners from the window in my living room. Since moving here I've always missed going down from the apartment to watch the runners because of work, getting up late etc., but today was gorgeous, the temp was around 70 degrees by 10am, and I got up early enough to see the first 5 runners pass by my flat. I think someone said that the street was the 20th mile of the 26.2 mile course. Not surprisingly the leaders were all African runners. Dawdling by the window then I saw the top 2 female runners who were Russians running past around the 1 hr 49 minute mark.

As usual click on pics for deets.

Andy's got support, whoever he is.

The two lead female runners. One is blocked by the streetlight.

More runners early in the race.

The main groups early on.

It's very lively along the route from Ashland to Halsted, people were cheering the runners and urging them on, my neighbors across the street came out with bowls of sliced oranges and ice for the runners and the neighborhood people volunteered at the water and sponge stations. As well as getting out their water hoses and spraying water at the runners. It's heartening to see the neighborhood coming together to support the marathon! Quite a few runners were in costume, I saw Wonder Woman running by around the 5 hour 30 minute mark, and earlier on I saw Napoleon, Batman and Robin! And a guy in an inflatable horse costume.

If you look closely there's Batman & Robin
blocked by those people's giant heads.

After last year's searing heat the promotors this year made sure there were plenty of liquids for the was hot around noon today even for the likes of me who's just standing at the side walk clapping and encouraging the runners on. There was also music along the route, unfortunately the famous mariachi band was no longer playing like it did the last few years. Dammit, that was a Pilsen trademark during the event!

The main pack

Neighbors handing out orange slices

Endless stream of runners.

The intersection of 18th St. and Blue Island.

My friend Norma.

Me and Norma hanging out. The dude behind her
was crrrrazy....and has no teeth.

For more information on the winners and statistics, go here

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WendyB said...

I love that you got a crazy toothless dude in your shot.

Sister Wolf said...

Much better to take photos than to go running, isn't it? Hi, Norma!

(R)evolver74 said...

Hahah yes Wendy B, he was dancing to the house music that was funny!!

For sure SW, for sure. F*** running in 80 degree weather!

erin alison said...

haha crazy toothless man does look realllly crazy and toothless...