Monday, August 25, 2008

Olympic Round Up

In honor of the Olympics and in the tradition of my buddy Sleepy Jackson I thought I'd sum up the Olympics in a few short paragraphs.

I'm still mad I missed sports like dressage and fencing and no channel ever show those sports except maybe ESPN once in a blue moon and I don't have cable or satellite (shocker) but whatever, there's always next Olympics.

The 10 meter platform final was absorbing to say the least especially when Matt Mitcham pipped Zhou Luxin to become the first Australian man since 1924 to win a diving medal and kept China from sweeping all 8 gold medals. That shot of Mitcham jumping for joy in the foreground while Zhou was in tears in the background? Quintessential Olympics. oh man...the fastest man and woman in the world came from Jamaica, both in their first major tourney and virtual unknowns. Usain Bolt? Who's that? He's the one with 9.69 secs tattooed on his forehead. The way he won that 100m sprint was brilliant, it was like he wasn't even trying. That shot of Lolo Jones after she crossed the line in the hurdles? Augh, must suck to be her.

Swimming. Michael Phelps. Duh. Although they showed a shot of the great Alexander Popov in the closing ceremonies.

Gymnastics. So this is the funny thing..I don't really follow gymnastics except during the Olympics, so I have absolutely no clue who's who in the sport. So I was thinking the whole time that Nastia Liukin is Russian, right? Which was pretty funny, because the comentators were talking about her and Shaun Johnson being roomies, and I was thinking, wow, great Olympic spirit, all the different athletes from the different countries are rooming together. Hahahha. And I caught a glimpse of Svetlana Khorkina reporting for a Russian channel. Although I wish they'd shown Svetlana Bouginskaia instead. She was a brilliant gymnast.

The closing ceremonies was great, the Chinese seem obsessed with flight. Wonder what they'll do to the bird's nest now the Games are over? Dismantle it piece by piece? Can't wait to see what London has in store, will they build a new stadium or will they just use the new Wembley Stadium (seats 72.000+)? Although it's 8 years away, here's to Chicago in 2016!!

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aizat.cinta.goddess said...

rumours said that malaysia want to bid as the 2020 olympic city

(R)evolver74 said...

KL?? That would be awesome!!!

^^Sleepy Jackson^^ said...

i LOVE lolo jones! shes like. todally, awesome, dued. i didnt see that diving 10m thing, and i made a point of not watching the fencing and horse riding stuff :p and the london part of the closing ceremony, slightly embarrassing...but lolo jones :( i miss the olympics