Monday, March 12, 2007

My Life The Soundtrack (On Shuffle) - Hardcore/Post-Hardcore Version

Opening Credits: Busy Doing Nothing - Shelter

Waking Up: This Season - Mean Season

Average Day: Rebirth of Tragedy - Vision of Disorder

First Date: Colour Blind Jam - 7 Seconds

Falling In Love: By The River _ Vision of Disorder

Unrequited Love: Voyage into Infinity - Bad Brains

Love Scene: Dance of Days - Embrace

Sex Scene: Bottled Violence - Minor Threat (eekk!!)

Drunk: 20 Eyes - The Misits

Fight Scene (verbal): All Hell Breaks Loose - The Misfits (not making this up!)

Fight Scene (physical): Last Minute Pointer _ Refused

Breaking Up: Man Enough To Care - 7 Seconds

Getting Back Together: Vanishing Point - Underdog

Secret Love: Soundtrack For Violence - CiV

Life's Okay: Gorilla Biscuits - Gorilla Biscuits

Grieving: Filter The Infection - Statue

Chase Scene: Should Have Known - Ignite

Revelation: Without Fear - Underdog

Mental Breakdown: Reflecting Seductions - Statue

Driving: Refused Party Program - Refused

Reunion: Expect to Change - 7 Seconds

Learning A Lesson: Hard to Forget - Slugfest

Deep Thought: Don't Got To Prove It - CiV

Flashback (good): Ways To Destroy One's Ambition - Vision of Disorder

Flashback (bad): Let Down - Chain of Strength

Flashback (weird): The Meek - Bad Brains

Partying: Violent World - The Misfits

Happy Dance: Forencis Scene - Fugazi

Regretting: Stand Up - Minor Threat

Long Night Alone: Seeing Red - Minor Threat ( hahaha)

Death Scene: Up In You - Vision of Disorder

Closing Credits: Mass Movement - Underdog

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