Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Anniversary/Earth Day!!!

Today I'm celebrating my 6th wedding anniversary to Jay...wow, where did the time go? Hard to believe we've been together 8 years (married 6) and been living in Chicago close to 6 years....did we decide to get married on Earth Day on porpose? May have...

Anyhoo...loads of Versionfest pics but can't be arsed to put them up right now...maybe in a couple of days..

Chicago oh Chicago my beloved city...but why are you full of violence..32 people shot, 2 stabbed and 6 people died these past 4 days, prayers go out to the families of those involved... apparently the warmer weather was to blame... well, all the gangbangers came out in full force causing all kinds of trouble!! May you people rot in hell.

Moving on, last night I successfully altered a small men's t-shirt into a baby doll t-shirt and I must say I am pretty pleased with the end result...now I'm plucking up the courage to alter my beloved England football shirt (size L men's) given to me by a very good friend who I've lost contact with aaages ago. Anyhoo, will post the finished product.

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